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Wagner Nolasco has 20+ Years as a Real Estate Investor, Developer, and Builder. 

Lifetime Achievements:


  • The United States Coast Guard Academy Admissions Partner. 

  • Ambassador, USO of Central Florida. 

  • The United States Coast Guard Aux- National Staff 

  • Chief International Affairs/Outreach DVC-IG. 

  • US Coast Guard Auxiliary – Flotilla Commander 17-11. 

  • Sergeant at arms for the National Coast Guard Riders Association.

  • Lifetime Presidential Award signed by Donald Trump, President of the United States of America. 

  • A police officer for the City of Clermont Florida. 

  • Amazon Ranked #1 Best Selling Author- "Persistence Pivots and Game Changers”

Giving Back
wagner moto 4.png
Giving Back

I have lived a life of achievable dreams. I have been able to be a father, husband, friend, author, police officer, builder and developer. Many people did not have the opportunity to live their dreams. As an immigrant and a proud US Citizen, i recognize that  it is our duty to give back to our neighbors, communities and our Nation. I have devoted over 5000 hours of volunteer service to the USO and the United States Coast Guard. What have you been doing lately? Now is the time to plan your future and act on it. Do not wait for other people. Do it for yourself and for others. If i can do it you can do it.

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